Are there Mortgage Loan options?

Are there Mortgage Loan options?

Absolutely! Lots of them. And I can help you find the best mortgage loan options whether you are refinancing your existing home or buying a new home. If your current home or new home to be is in Sedona, the Verde Valley, Phoenix, or anywhere in Arizona, I can guide you through all the mortgage information out there and help you make an informed decision that will make the process a lot easier.

Refinancing your current home

If you need a mortgage to refinance your current home I can explain the process and what you can expect from it. The benefits of refinancing include a reduced interest rate and monthly payment, and possibly a plan to help you pay down your balance more quickly.

Purchasing a new home

If you need a mortgage for a new home purchase I can help you find the best loan for your situation. Together, we will develop a personalized loan that will help you use your mortgage as a financial tool to achieve what you want.

I am a personal mortgage loan officer who listens closely and tailors a personalized loan to precisely fit your needs and your home. I offer a FREE Pre-Qualification so there is no cost or obligation.

Call me today at 928.821.0782 to start the process. I look forward to being your personal mortgage loan officer. There’s no obligation….just advice you can trust.